Suffering from cancer, his fans are worried about a detail seen in a photo of his daughter!

That he was found to have cancer Since the lungs, Florent Pagny has the support of all, his colleagues, his fans and his relatives. Among his entourage, his daughter, Ael, finally took Instagram to encourage his father, currently a coach in The Voice on TF1. On May 12, she therefore shared a snapshot of the interpreter of “My freedom to think” with the caption “my boss”.

A photo in which Florent Pagny, in the distance, stands facing the sea with the help of a cane. If the snap has a lot of benevolence with comments such as “I send you all my healing waves my warrior…you our beating our warrior love love”, some are worried about the cane on which Florent Pagny relies. “Why does he have a cane?” I hope he is well…. »can we read in the comments. “Because he is an elegant gentleman”he was answered.

A few days earlier, on May 10, Florent Pagny was nevertheless reassuring on Instagram. “I’m here to give you some news. I didn’t impose a Netflix series on you about my treatment and my story. Now that it’s almost behind me since I only have chemo left, I can say that I’m very well. So yes, I changed my look a little, it’s the treatment that wants it but I’ll get used to it and it will pass. The protocol worked rather well since from the first two immunotherapy chemo my tumor which was as big as a kiwi turned into a nut. We sent heavy right away with radiotherapy and intensive chemo. We have confidence. It went very well because I been very well surrounded medically, but also by my half, my children and there was this phenomenon of synchronicity with these thousands of messages, testimonies of love and good vibes which allowed me to pass this story in this way” , he explained in a video, before announcing good news: “I’m going to finish The Voice, I’m going to finish chemo, then I’ll go get my hair back and then if all goes well we’ll meet again next year to finish what I started”.

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