sound new voice recorder on windows 11

Sound Recorder is the successor to Voice Recorder on Windows 11.

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When recording, you will see audio levels appear as waves. ©Microsoft

Sound Recorder, the new Windows 11 tape recorder

Microsoft announces the launch of its new application for making audio recordings: Sound Recorder. It is already available for Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel. In a second step, it should be deployed for all Windows 11 users.

What changes on Sound Recorder (compared to Voice Recorder):

  • New user interface: the application has been completely redesigned to improve the user experience. Note that the button Share is now more easily accessible at the top right of the application.
  • Waves during audio recording: when you record your voice or someone else’s voice, you cause waves to appear that represent the different audio levels during the conversation.
  • The ability to change the recording device: it will be possible to make this change directly in the application. So far, Voice Recorder uses Windows default microphone.
  • The choice of audio file format: you can also change the format of your audio file. So far, Voice Recorder save sounds in .m4a.
  • Importing external audio files: it should be possible to import audio files that don’t show up from the app.
  • Adding markers: it will be possible to add markers on certain key points of its audio recording.

Sound Recorder replaces Voice Recorder

Microsoft specifies that Sound Recorder will replace the Voice Recorder application (called in English: voice recorder) on Windows 11. If you do not know this application, know that you can easily find it in your menu To start up. It is also possible to enter “voice recorder” directly in the dedicated Windows search bar. All your recordings are then stored in this location: Documents > Audio recordings.

Other new features on Windows 11 applications

In its blog post, Microsoft also highlights all the new features deployed on Windows 11 concerning its other default applications: Paint, Notepad, Photos, Screenshot Tool, Media Player, Clock and Calculator. The interfaces have been redesigned and these applications are equipped with new functionalities.

In the Photos application, you will find a new bar at the bottom of the viewer to browse your photos more quickly on Windows 11. © Microsoft

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