soon 3D avatars for stories and private messages

Revamped 3D avatars coming soon to Instagram

In a blog post, Meta announces an update to its 3D avatars. The company, which had already revamped its VR avatars to make them more expressive, diverse and inclusive, is expanding that capability to Facebook, Messenger and, for the first time, Instagram. Indeed, 3D avatars will be available for stories and Private Messages. These new avatars, with refined and more detailed faces, could thus be used in the form of stickers, in publications, or even as a profile picture.

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The new 3D avatars are already available in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Meta specifies that for users who have created an avatar on Facebook, it will be automatically updated with new graphics improvements. “This is in addition to the work we’ve been doing throughout 2021, delivering new eyes and noses, beards and hairstyles, outfits, body types and more. Stay updated throughout 2022 as we will continue to add new elements to the avatar editor »says the firm.

A new stage in the race for the metaverse

The widespread deployment of 3D avatars has improved Meta’s desire to standardize the representation of users on all its platforms and to create ever more links between them. This is particularly in line with the firm’s strategy regarding the metaverse.

We see metaverse as an interconnected digital world, one that relies on VR and AR, of course, but also more familiar platforms like your phone and computer. Being able to have the same avatar across all of our platforms is a first step to making that a reality, and we’ve been working on it for a while. We hope that your new virtual self will allow you to materialize online and in the way you want to be represented, whether it is to your friends and family, to your community, says Meta.

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