Social networks. What is this “anti-Instagram” application that is rising?

What does it give ?

While downloading the app, I had a lot of questions: if I leave my phone on silent, how will I see the notification in time every day? If I get the notification at a time when I’m not available to take a photo, is that done for the day?

BeReal first offers me photos taken by users on the other side of the world, since I don’t have a group of friends on the app: Sweden, Hungary, Taiwan… There are a lot of offices, living rooms, people taking a break in front of their friend’s lens. Sometimes a user hides the front camera with their finger so as not to show their face.

On the first day, I am six minutes late on the notification. Phew, it is possible to publish your photo late. The next day, I wait a little longer and find that all the photos are blurred as long as I haven’t posted mine. When I decide to do it, I realize that it will be practically identical to that of the day before: facing a computer…

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