Smartphone sales in the 1st quarter of 2022 (France): Samsung down, Realme enters the top 5


The smartphone market is a beautiful being dominated by historical players, many Asian brands are trying to find a place on the podium. The latest sales figures provide a better understanding of this dynamic.

As usual, the research firm Canalys reveals the sales figures for smartphones internationally, but also in France. It is this second market that attracts our attention today, since several interesting data can be collected.

Samsung in decline

As you can see, Samsung and Apple are still neck and neck, with 26% market share respectively. However, the Korean saw its annual growth decline by 22% over this quarter in France, while the apple brand continued on its good footing (+8%).

The good sales of the iPhone 13 and the arrival of the new SE version allow the Cupertino company to occupy the ground.

If it is still too early to calculate the impact of the renewal of the Galaxy A range on Samsung sales (we will have to wait until next quarter), the Galaxy S22 are now widely available. Some models are already showing special price reductions. It remains to be seen if they will continue to find their audience in the months to come.

Ranking changes

Third place is still occupied by Xiaomi and its 23% market share. The Chinese giant is posting modest growth (+6%), but has nevertheless largely imposed itself here. The Chinese manufacturer is putting a lot on its Redmi Note 11 to continue to impose itself on the contested entry and mid-range segment. The latter indeed have a very good quality/price ratio and should find their audience.

The Redmi Note 11 range offers very good value for money / ©Xiaomi

The Redmi Note 11 range offers very good value for money / ©Xiaomi

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With respectively 6% and 5% market share, Oppo and Realme replace Huawei and Wiko at the start of the year. The first shows a good growth of 38%, and imposes itself in a more sustainable way as the fourth seller of smartphones in France. It is not asked a surprise, the mark had already been invited in the classification the previous year. Its marketing strategy continues to bear fruit.

Realme gets noticed

With an impressive growth of 443%, which must however be put into perspective because the brand is starting almost from zero, Realme is the surprise of this first quarter of 2022. Indeed, the young Chinese firm has managed to obtain 5% of market share in France and rose to fifth place among the biggest sellers from January to March. A notable success, based on smartphones with one of the most aggressive quality/price ratios on the market, often eligible for promotions.

© Canalys

Canalys also shares sales figures in Western Europe, and the results are quite similar. The ranking does not move, even if the loss of speed of Samsung is less clear. Realme once again makes a remarkable entry and gains 3% market share and 377% annual growth.

The historical leaders may well be well anchored in Europe, but these movements are not insignificant and enhance the growing ambitions of Chinese manufacturers linked (closely or indirectly) to the BBK consortium. It will therefore be interesting to see during the next assessment whether this trend is strengthening or not.

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