Smartphone sales: in France, Samsung suffers and Realme cleavage

Last year at the same period, Samsung (32% market share), Apple (23%) and Xiaomi (21%) reigned supreme in the market while the rest of the ranking was occupied by Wiko and Huawei in full backlash American sanctions taken to its foreseeable.

But what about this year? If the leading trio has not changed, two new brands are appearing. These are Oppo (back to fourth position in 2021) and Realme. With an increase of 443% compared to last year which is somewhat reminiscent of the arrival of Xiaomi in France some time ago.

Samsung in decline

Despite its first place with 26% of market share, Samsung is experiencing a sharp reduction in its growth, only -22%, while Apple, with its +8%, is progressing and represents 26% of sales. Despite the release of the Galaxy S22 and the new A33 and A53, sales are at half mast and it will be necessary to wait for the second quarter to know if it is a simple delay or a real decline.

Xiaomi’s growth seems to have stabilized with a small 8% while Oppo posted a 37% increase over the year. No doubt Huawei’s decline has left room wide open for aggressive new builders.

It remains to be seen whether Xiaomi will resist the pressure of newcomers and whether Samsung will manage to raise the bar. For Apple, the situation is a bit since and should remain relatively stable, because unlike the other 4 brands in this ranking, the manufacturer has its own ecosystem.

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