Should I upgrade to Facebook Lite? Its advantages over Facebook

Most of you are using the classic version of the Facebook app for Android or iOS. However, for years, the social network has offered a “Lite” or light version of this application.

Facebook Lite was designed for users of the social network in emerging countries, where mobile data is expensive compared to purchasing power, and for entry-level smartphones that have few resources (memory, processor) . The Android application weighs only 1.82 MB.

This Lite version was designed to use less space, less data, and to work more or less correctly even on 3G or 2G connections. A priori, therefore, if you live in Europe and you have a mid-range smartphone or a premium device, this application is not for you.

However, although Facebook Lite has some disadvantages (such as images that can be of poor quality and the absence of certain features), this lite version of Facebook might interest you.

The benefits of Facebook Lite

First of all, as mentioned above, Facebook Lite occupies less memory. Therefore, if your smartphone regularly runs out of memory (which can happen on devices with only 64 GB of storage), you can replace the standard application with the Lite version so that the social network takes up less space.

Besides that, Facebook Lite can also help you have a better experience if you live in an area with poor 4G coverage, or if you want to save your mobile data.

In addition, Facebook Lite has another practical side: it integrates Messenger. Therefore, to chat in private message with your friends, you will no longer have to install the Messenger application separately. It saves storage space and you don’t have to switch from one app to another.

Another practical side: if you have two Facebook accounts (even if it goes against the rules of the social network), you can use the first account on the standard application, and use the second account on the Lite application.

Finally, some might use Facebook Lite’s clean and simplified interface.


But as mentioned above, the downside is that you won’t have access to all the features. Nevertheless, all the main functions are available on Facebook Lite, including Stories, as well as live videos.


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