Shadowban Instagram: how to get out?

What is shadowban on Instagram?

The “shadowban” is a moderation technique applied by Instagram when the social network detects abnormal activity from an account. At least in theory. Indeed, the platform has never really confirmed the existence of this phenomenon. On the other hand, many users and influencers have seen this sometimes arbitrary practice on Instagram.

For an Instagram account, the shadowban can have several consequences among:

  • the account does not appear when typed in the search bar of the Explore section,
  • a drastic drop in the reach of publications (number of views, likes, etc.),
  • a post does not appear in recent posts linked to a hashtag.

Note that the impact may vary. Thus, some shadowbanned accounts may continue to appear to their followers, but not to accounts that do not follow them, for example. In addition, the shadowban is never notified by Instagram, it is only the statistics of your posts that can put you in the ear.

What Causes Instagram Shadowban?

This system of banning accounts is not clearly recognized by Instagram, the exact causes are not known. However, some leads have been advanced. The first would concern the presence of certain hashtags which would be prohibited by Instagram, in particular because some could or may contain sensitive content. Many sites such as Kicksta, a social media management tool, report hashtags to avoid. In addition, the use of third-party applications that serve to subscribe to other accounts, automatically like or comment on publications and mass actions such as liking or commenting on a large number of photos per day, can also be originally a shadowban.

However, shadowban should not be confused with a drop in engagement rate which may be due to other factors, such as lack of regularity or quality of posts on Instagram.

Tips for getting out of the shadowban on Instagram

The good news is that the shadowban is temporary. The bad news is that there are no magic bullets. On the other hand, certain good reflexes to adopt can help dissipate this banishment. Among the tips we can find:

  • Stop using hashtags or third-party apps that may be in Instagram’s sights,
  • Stop untimely follow/unfollow practices and limit the number of accounts followed per day,
  • Go back to the “personal” account for a while before returning to the “professional” account,
  • Stop publication for 48 hours.

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