Scam on Facebook: a pseudo-seller unmasked

He used a fake profile under the name Ashna Meerun to fleece his victims on Facebook. Alexandre Nizelin, 26, was arrested yesterday, Monday, May 9, by Sergeant Arnasala’s men from the Field Intelligence Unit in the North region. This resident of Plaine-des-Papayes is suspected of being the author of a series of electronic scams on Facebook, awarded at around Rs 500,000.

According to our recoveries, Alexandre Nizelin’s modus operandi was through posting photos of various articles. Indeed, he collects them himself through other publications, in particular the ‘Asté Vendé’ page on Facebook. Then he presents them on his page at discounted prices. Example: if the price of an item on a page is offered at Rs 1,000, it retrieves the same photo, then displays it at a lower price. Its purpose is to entice more people.

And once an agreement is reached, the customer is asked to make a 50% deposit via ‘Internet Banking’. And the difference payable on delivery. However, the pseudo-seller will never deliver.

Several complaints about this fraud have been reported to the police. Investigators suspect that there are several other victims who have not been reported to the police.

The IT (Information Technology) Unit of the police was called upon in this case.

The investigation is continuing.


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