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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announces the launch of the Galaxy Book2 Business, a powerful new laptop, thanks to the Intel® Core™ processor of 12and generation and equipped with features for safety and productivity. The ideal tool to support companies and their employees in a new hybrid work environment.

Today, hybrid working has become the norm”said KC Choi, EVP and Head of Global Mobile B2B, MX Business, at Samsung Electronics. Companies enable their employees to best adapt to this new way of working, thanks to technologies that resist creativity and collaboration, while protecting themselves from ever-increasing cyber threats. The Galaxy Book2 Business was designed to meet these expectations, offering businesses a high level of security, features designed to promote productivity and the full potential of the Galaxy ecosystem. »

Enhanced security

The development of remote work has been accompanied by an increase in the risk of cyberattacks. Employees working from home are indeed more vulnerable because they have limited access to the security tools and infrastructure available when they are in person. The Galaxy Book2 Business addresses this issue by using Intel Hardware Shield technology and a secure embedded processor to protect the BIOS. The Galaxy Book2 Business is also equipped with a monitoring function that detects and tracks malicious attempts targeting security-critical computer data and stops them before the operating system is corrupted.

To achieve this, the Galaxy Book2 Business features hardware root of trust, which validates the BIOS and provides a reliable chain of trust between the CPU, GPU, and SPI flash memory. If the Galaxy Book2 Business is under attack, the data is protected by the automatic BIOS recovery tool, which can detect threats during PC startup and automatically restore the BIOS from a backup copy.

IT deployment and decentralized device management have never been more important for businesses. That’s why Galaxy Book2 Business gives IT teams an extra layer of protection and premium support designed for hybrid work environments. In addition to Intel Hardware Shield technology, the Galaxy Book2 Business can support Intel vPro processors, guaranteeing multi-level security. By monitoring both the BIOS and the operating system, the Galaxy Book2 Business helps businesses avoid attacks and protect their sensitive data. Finally, Microsoft Secured-Core PC (SCPC) technology protects the device against kernel and firmware attacks, so that malicious code cannot corrupt the system.

Optimal productivity on the move as well as face-to-face

The Galaxy Book2 Business is perfectly adapted to videoconference meetings thanks in particular to the Studio mode[2], which ensure optimal performance and image quality, regardless of the applications used (Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex Meet). The automatic framing feature[3] allows the user to stay in the center of the image, even when moving. New background and virtual desktop effects minimize distractions, even when the employee is in video conferences from designated locations. The two-way noise reduction system using AI[4] filters out background noise from the user and the other party, so every word is heard clearly.

In case of consecutive meetings, typing your password to reconnect can be tedious. Thanks to the infrared sensor of the Galaxy Book2 Business, users can easily and quickly log in using facial recognition. The Galaxy Book2 Business is also designed to withstand harsh working environments, such as high temperatures or high humidity.

Flexibility and Connectivity

Employees can use the single sign-on function linked to their Samsung account to identify themselves simply and securely. The Private Sharing function[5] from Samsung leverages blockchain to encrypt and share confidential information. Collaborators can authorize access and set expiration dates for each file they send, so the information remains proprietary and confidential. And if an employee misplaces their Galaxy Book2 Business, SmartThings Find[6] allows you to locate it.

Thanks to the Galaxy ecosystem, the Galaxy Book2 Business can synchronize with a Galaxy smartphone compatible with the Link to Windows function[7]. The user can then send SMS and take calls directly from his computer. Built-in App Continuity will also allow users to select recently used apps and open them on their Galaxy Book2 Business to pick up where they left off. Quick Share[8] allows sharing of large files by generating an easy-to-share link.


The Galaxy Book2 Business will be available in Anthracite color from April 20, with an introductory offer until June 30: for the purchase of a Galaxy Book2 Business a T7 SSD is offered[9], for orders placed from the Samsung site.

[1] SAR Galaxy Book2 Business (W/kg): SAR trunk: 0.268 / SAR limbs: 0.268

[2] Activated automatically when using the camera. Studio mode may not work properly when third-party app effects (backgrounds, filters, etc.) are applied simultaneously during video calls.

[3] The auto-framing feature requires face detection and may not work properly if the user is wearing a mask. Features may vary by environment, lighting, apps, device condition and other factors.

[4] Only supports VoIP apps, like Zoom, WeChat, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

[5] Private Share is preloaded on the Galaxy Book2 series. Allows you to share with up to five people at a time. Support image, video, audio and text file sharing. Up to 10 files and up to 100MB can be shared simultaneously. With the Private Share feature, senders can set an expiration date for viewing shared data and can revoke viewing rights from the recipient. The recipient of the Private Share message must have the Private Share application installed. Only available for Galaxy users.

[6] Requires Samsung account login and Wi-Fi or data network connection. Detects the approximate location where the lost device signal was last detected.

[7] Users need to link their Galaxy device to their Windows PC through the “Link to Windows” app on the phone and the Your Phone app on the PC, then follow the setup instructions, including connecting to the same Microsoft account. Link to Windows is preloaded on select Galaxy devices. Requires the latest Windows 10 update on the PC. The phone requires the Galaxy device to be turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the PC. Some mobile apps may restrict content to share on other screens or require a touchscreen to interact with them. Up to 5 Android apps can be created simultaneously.

[8] The Quick Share feature allows you to share photos, videos and files between Samsung Galaxy devices. Quick Share is available on Galaxy smartphones, Galaxy tablets and Galaxy Books (as of May 2021), running Android 10 and One UI 2.1 or higher.

[9] See conditions on

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