Samsung S95B Oled TV, 144 Hz compatibility and reinforced G‑Sync

QD Oled Samsung S95B televisions did not reveal all their secrets when they were presented to the world by their creator. For example, we recently learned of their compatibility with 144 hertz signals.

This will delight owners of gaming PCs equipped with a premium graphics card capable of delivering a 144 Hz signal, the Samsung QE55S95B (55”, 140 cm) and Samsung QE65S95B TVs are therefore capable of handling a 144 Hz HDR signal with VRR functionality enabled.

Samsung S95B, 144 Hz and G-Sync on the program

This information was not communicated by Samsung, which only indicates support for 120 Hz in the characteristics of the televisions on its site. But we did have confirmation of its 144 Hz compatibility from several European colleagues who already have a Samsung S95B television in their hands. Likewise, G‑Sync support, the nVidia master, is well on the way in addition to FreeSync. Again, Samsung does not highlight this ability in the product sheets of its S9B TVs.


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