Samsung is working on a new 200MP smartphone sensor

What does Samsung have in store for us with its photo sensors? According to GalaxyClub, a Dutch media, Samsung was working on a photo sensor called Isocell HP3. This 200 megapixel module would succeed the Isocell HP1, announced in September 2021, and which the brand has still not integrated into a smartphone of its own. Tipped to adorn the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the 200-megapixel sensor had finally disappeared from the technical sheet, replaced by a 108-megapixel module.

Unfortunately for the aficionados rumors, there is little more to get your teeth into. No technical details have leaked on this Isocell HP3, except for its huge 200 megapixel resolution. According to some media, the generational upgrade between the HP1 and HP3 version should be marginal on the hardware side. GalaxyClub does not expect to meet the HP3 on a Z Flip or Z Fold model this year, but as usual, the arrival of this sensor on the next Samsung Galaxy S23 remains possible.

The Isocell HP1, a relatively large 1/1.22 inch sensor that does exist, was seen on a Motorola prototype. It could also be available on a Xiaomi mobile during the year 2022. Nothing illogical in that since the South Korean firm has already used this strategy: let a sensor gain experience with competing companies before being offered on a home smartphone.

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