Samsung continues to update the Galaxy Note 9 every month, 4 years after its release

Samsung is known in the Android smartphone market for being one of the manufacturers that offers the longest follow-up updates on its devices, and the Korean giant has just proven it again with the Galaxy Note 9.

Credit: Unsplash

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 9 almost 4 years ago, at the end of 2018, but the smartphone still continues to receive regular updates. Even better, he even receives more than what was initially planned. Indeed, Samsung put the smartphone last year on the list of devices that should only receive an update every quarter.

However, despite this change of category, the smartphone has since continued to receive monthly updates. We are of course talking about security updates here, and not major system updates, since the Galaxy Note 9 is not compatible with Google’s latest operating system, Android 12. Samsung just got a new security patch for the month of March, which bears the number QP1A.190711.020.N960USQS9FVC5. The latter does not add any functionality to the device, but fixes some security vulnerabilities. The smartphone also had received the January and February 2022 security patches.

Samsung will update its new smartphones for 5 years

While other smartphones like the Galaxy S9 have been receiving updates for 4 years, with the latest security patch having been rolled out a few weeks ago, Samsung intends to further improve the monitoring of its devices.

The Korean giant recently pledged to upgrade infect new versions of Android on its smartphones for 4 years, and newer models upgraded even security patches for 5 years. Samsung is therefore the manufacturer to offer the longest follow-up on Android smartphones.

The manufacturer even does better than Google itself, since the latter will only update its Pixel smartphones for 3 years. Nevertheless, we know that Google also promises 5 years of security updates on its devices since the release of Pixel 6.

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