Samsung announces UFS 4.0 for very pissed off smartphone storage

Samsung announced this week that it has finalized development of the new UFS 4.0 standard. The latter promises significantly faster speeds than the current UFS 3.1 standard, taken in 2020.

With UFS 4.0, Samsung is about to give storage on smartphones a nice boost // Source: Samsung

More or less two years after the arrival on our smartphones of UFS (Universal Flash Storage) 3.1, Samsung naturally goes a step further. The group and its branch dedicated to semiconductors announced yesterday that they have finalized the development of the UFS 4.0 standard, which has already been endorsed by JEDEC (semiconductor standardization body).

UFS 4.0 clearly outclasses its advantage on transfer speeds, which will inevitably lead to much faster storage, on our future smartphones in the first place… but not only. As XDA Developers points out, UFS 4.0 will also be used on augmented and virtual reality headsets, as well as in the automotive sector.

On our smartphones by the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023

Very concretely, in terms of performance, UFS 4.0 offers a speed of up to 23.2 Gb/s per channel. This is double what UFS 3.1 currently offers, limited to “only» 11.6 GB/s.

This translates into performance that jumps in both reading and writing. Samsung speaks in particular of 4,200 MB/s in sequential reading (twice as much as UFS 3.1) and a maximum of 2,800 MB/s in sequential writing. Made possible by the use of 7th generation V-NAND memory, this move upmarket in terms of performance is also accompanied by a big gain in terms of energy efficiency. UFS 4.0 promises to be 46% more energy efficient than UFS 3.1.

Samsung also evokes more compact chips than in the past, which could go up to a capacity of 1 TB each.

BREAKING: Samsung has developed the industry-leading Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 4.0 storage solution, which has received JEDEC® Board Approval. What is UFS 4.0 and what does it mean for the future of storage? Keep reading to learn more.

—Samsung Semiconductor (@SamsungDSGlobal) May 3, 2022

But perhaps the best news is that this new UFS 4.0 standard will soon arrive on our smartphones. Samsung is talking about the start of mass production from the third quarter of 2022. We can therefore think that this technology will gradually arrive on mobiles from the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.

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