Samsung and Apple dominate the refurbished smartphone market

In the world of refurbished smartphones, two mobile phone players reign supreme: Apple and Samsung. The two manufacturers largely dominate the ranking of second-hand mobiles.

Refurbished smartphones on the coast. Better for the planet and for the wallet, these second-hand mobiles experienced, in 2021, an annual growth of 15% worldwide, according to the latest study by Counterpoint Research. This growth is mainly driven by two major players, according to the study: Apple and Samsung.

Samsung’s iPhones and Galaxy mobiles have enabled the refurbished sector to grow faster than the new telephone sector, which is showing growth of 4.5% in 2021. These figures are obviously to be taken with a grain of salt, since the volume of new smartphones on the market is higher, which makes growth more difficult, the volumes to maintain a positive curve being more important.

With the prices of new flagship smartphones remaining high, a larger portion of consumers have held back from buying refurbished models from popular brands like Apple and Samsung“, details Counterpoint Research. According to the analysis firm, Apple’s smartphones are the best-selling in the refurbished market, although Samsung’s recent efforts in favor of durability work in its favor.

And in France ?

More locally, refurbished smartphones are also popular in France. According to a barometer established by Recommerce, a major player in French refurbished, 37% of the population has already taken the plunge and bought a refurbished phone, 51% of French people even saying they are authorized and ready to buy a refurbished smartphone.

In France too, it is Apple’s iPhone that dominates sales. In the first half of 2021, of the 20 best-selling phones on the refurbished market, 14 are iPhones, according to Recommerce. There are also four Samsung smartphones, including the Galaxy S9 and S10.

“97% of the value is captured by Samsung and Apple”, we were already explaining Recommerce in 2019. And the dynamics haven’t really changed. The reason ? These are the smartphones that keep the best “residual value”. A two-year-old iPhone will fetch more than competitors’ phones due to less sought-after promotions and price cuts. iPhones are also among the best monitored phones in terms of software. On the Samsung side, it’s pretty much the same thing: the refurbished allows you to acquire a high-end smartphone (and the image that goes with it) for less.

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