Rafaëlle Roy reacts to the interventions made about her son

Last Tuesday, May 10, Rafaelle Roy shared in an Instagram story a beautiful photo of her youngest child, Milo, sleeping in his car seat. Following her post, the mum received several intervention messages regarding the way her son was tied up.

She then corrected her statements, after realizing that some Internet users refer to positional asphyxiation.

“It’s just annoying to always have remarks like »

Credit: @rafaelleroy via IG

In her response to Internet users in the face of the interventions, the singer explained that people did not have to worry, although she understands the desire of her subscribers to inform her.

I know that no one is intervening with bad intentions, but trust our judgement. […] It’s just annoying to always have comments like “.

Later in the day, the young mother shared a second message, where she went back on her words, understanding now that her subscribers wanted to educate her on the dangers of positional asphyxia.

[Deux] people took the trouble to correct me by mentioning this! So the gang, I go back on my words – It is correct your benevolent interventions. It was a small accumulation, because following my last post, people thought that my children were moving forward facing in the car and I was getting a ton of comments so I had to explain! »

I wouldn’t have liked not to know because I don’t like people intervening to inform me… You know? “.

Credit: @rafaelleroy via IG

Then, for awareness purposes on her side too, Rafaëlle Roy shared some information resources on the importance of always strapping her baby in her car seat.

Let’s not start a debate, it’s up to you. If, following this information, you don’t feel like strapping your child in all the time, if you don’t feel like changing anything, there is zero stress. Me, it came to get me, I share the information, but I think it’s better that we know it then that we make our own decisions with full knowledge of the facts“.

The whole family, as well as Milo in particular, hasn’t had it easy in the last few months! Indeed, remember that last March, the young boy was unfortunately hospitalized for four days because of a urinary tract infection, in addition to being sick after contracting COVID-19.

Last days tested for us. We stayed in the hospital for 4 nights for Milo… urinary tract infection + Covid and we have to check him closely to monitor his immune system, which has taken a hit. Back home and on the antibiotics. My mama heart really rush“, had written Rafaëlle in a narrative on his Instagram account.

Even though there was a lot of nothing else to do confined to the bedroom, I let go of the networks a bit to focus on healing her.“, she continued in another narrative.

Sainte-Justine has been amazing. On a follow-up appointment this Wednesday. We need his white blood cells to smoke better. Please send positive vibes to him. healing and strength“, she had concluded.

And you, do you follow Rafaëlle on Instagram? His page is wonderful!

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