Pixel 6, iPhone 13, Galaxy S22… Which of these smartphones retains the best sale value?

Should we favor the latest flagship from Apple or the new premium smartphones from Google and Samsung? Numerical data make it possible to better assess the situation.

When you buy a premium smartphone, you don’t have to resell it after a few weeks of use, but if that happens, it can be interesting to know which models are the least expensive. Given the sums at stake, some successful models 1000 €. It seems quite logical to include sale value in the equation.

The data in question sought from the site SellCellthe great specialist in the resale of smartphones in the United States, and they concern the three new high-end smartphones from Google, Samsung and Apple.

Apple gets away with it

If you know a little about the phone market, you won’t be surprised to learn that this is Apple’s smartphone that is doing the best.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has a discount of just 3.8% two months after its launch for a model in like-new condition. The iPhone 13 is in second place with a 6.1% drop and the iPhone 13 Pro occupies the third step of the podium with 12.9%.

If you are more on Android, it seems wise to favor the Google Pixel 6 which yields 33.1% of its value. Conversely, avoid the Galaxy S22 + which loses up to 53.8% of its purchase price, a real tumble.

The reason for this difference could not be simpler… Apple keeps its margins to the maximum and practices very few discounts on its recent smartphones. Manufacturers like Google or Samsung seem to favor volume by lowering the catalog price after a few weeks, even if this tends (a little) to change today.

Example: during the French Days, the Google Pixel 6 went to €579, when it was sold for €649 [-11 %]and the Galaxy S22 with a cover and a wireless charger is 699 € instead of 859 [-19 %]. Under these conditions, it is not surprising that second-hand devices show even greater declines.


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