Optimus, Tesla’s humanoid robot, in production from 2023 according to Elon Musk

On the occasion of the inauguration of a new factory in Texas, the CEO of the company said that a first version of this robot could be released as early as next year.

Last August, during Tesla AI Day, Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Bot, a black and white humanoid robot. The company’s CEO had indicated that this machine was meant to be friendly, navigate a world built for humans, and eliminate dangerous, repetitive, and boring tasks. This robot, finally called Optimus, could be in production as early as 2023 according to Elon Musk.

This is what the businessman said at the inauguration of the new Gigafactory, the Tesla vehicle assembly plant in Texas. “We have a chance to be in production for the first version of Optimus, probably next year”, did he declare. He also explained that this robot will be able to do everything that humans don’t want to do, saying that it will bring about an “age of plenty”. The company’s CEO even boasted that Optimus will “transforming the world to an even greater degree than cars”.

A harmless humanoid robot

Tesla’s robot will operate using artificial intelligence (AI). More specifically, it will be the one used in the company’s vehicles. Optimus will thus have the Full Self-Driving computer and the Autopilot system. Its head will be equipped with cameras for autonomous movement and it will also contain a screen to display information. If for Elon Musk, AI is more dangerous than nuclear weapons, Optimus should be safe. “As we see Optimus develop, everyone will make sure he’s safe. No Terminator stuff or that sort of thing”he assured.

At Tesla AI Day last year, the CEO of Tesla clarified that the robot will be designed to be runaway and controllable. Measuring 1.72 m for approximately 56 kg, it will be able to move at 8 km / h and will be able to carry loads weighing up to 20 kg. At the moment, no Optimus prototype has been unveiled by Tesla, but it is possible that the company will do so later this year, as demonstrated by Elon Musk at the event last August. .

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