OPPO challenges Samsung and Huawei with a new “cheap” foldable phone

Oppo launched its first foldable smartphone in December, titled Find N, but the company is working alongside adding other devices to its foldable portfolio.
According to tech site ‘gsmarena’, the latest leaks indicate that Oppo is working on its latest version of foldable phones, and it’s rumored that the next phone will be vertically foldable, meaning it’ll get a bent screen in a clamshell shape. similar to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 or Huawei P50 Pocket.
And to compete with Samsung and Huawei in the foldable phone sector, leaks indicate that Oppo intends to launch its next foldable phone at a cheaper price than its rivals as the tech giant showcased the phone Find N, which was launched at the end of last year in the Chinese market, at a cheaper price than its competitors.
According to a rumor from China, it is likely that the Oppo foldable phone, which will be launched as Oppo flip, will hit the Chinese market for a price of around 756 dollars or 718 euros (equivalent to 13 thousand and 900 Egyptian euros). pound sterling).
In the same context, Huawei launched its flagship foldable phone, the P50 Pocket, in the Chinese market for a price of around $1,360 (equivalent to 25,000 Egyptian pounds), while Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Flip3, for a price of approximately $1,119 (equivalent to $20). 1,600 EGP), which means that the Oppo phone is available at a lower price than its main competitors when it comes to foldable devices.

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