On Instagram: Jade Leboeuf and the little complex that sticks to her skin


LUXEMBOURG – The influencer who settled in Luxembourg called that a small physical detail has been bothering her since she gave birth 21 months ago.

“When you get your body back after gaining 23 pounds for your pregnancy but the skin on your belly hasn’t received the memo”: Jade Lebœuf shared a photo to her 138,000 subscribers in which she poses in a swimsuit. If everyone will notice the incredible line of the young woman, she only sees the skin of her belly which has not regained the elasticity it should have.

Her influencer friends immediately commented: “A bomb”, launched Kleofina, “you’re beautiful”, added the ex-Miss France Maeva Coucke, Caroline Receveur slipping three little men with hearts, as if to say that the girl of the world champion really had no complex to have.

But the most comforting comment – ​​and undoubtedly the one that has the most importance in the eyes of the young Frenchwoman – is that coming from her husband, Stéphane Rodriguez: “I would love you even if you had no legs”. “I would love you even if you had no arms,” ​​she replied. The two lovebirds have been married since 2018 and welcomed little Elon James on August 9, 2020.


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