On Google maps, you will soon be able to save fuel thanks to this new option

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This new option on Google Maps will allow you to save fuel

TECHNOLOGY – Faced with rising fuel prices, this new feature announced by Google should be a great help for Google Maps users.

On the occasion of the annual conference of developers organized by Google in California this Wednesday, May 11, the director of the firm, Sundar Pichai, recognized that car journeys were among the most polluting activities. Result, to emit less greenhouse gas, but also to be able to make some savings in terms of gasoline, Google Maps will allow its users to choose the route that consumes less fuel. The option, available in the United States since Wednesday, will arrive in Europe during 2022.

Google’s stated commitments in the fight against climate change do not stop there since the mapping service will also allow users to consult information on the carbon emissions of air journeys during their searches, reports The Guardian.

“Climate change is no longer a distant threat”, explained the boss of Google, who believes that it is urgent to put in place “meaningful solutions to meet this pressing challenge”, during the annual developer conference. hosted by Google in California.

Pixel Watch and Google translate

In addition, Google presented a new connected watch from its Pixel product line. Called “Pixel Watch”, it will be available in the fall. It will integrate health-related applications from Fitbit connected watches, a brand of connected objects specializing in fitness. The Pixel Watch will also be able to sync with other devices using Android operating software or may have its own internet connection.

Among the other announcements, Google also presented new artificial intelligence features allowing, for example, even more “natural” conversations with its voice assistant. The group has also added 24 languages ​​to Google Translate, including Bambara, Lingala and Quechua, bringing translation capabilities to 133 languages.

Google users could now also search by combining images requested by smartphone, voice or text prompts, for example filming the chocolate bar aisle while asking which brands are nut-free.

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