Nigeria wants to sanction Facebook for broadcasting calls for violence from separatist groups

(Agence Ecofin) – Determined to fight against hate speech on social networks, the Nigerian authorities have taken strong action in this direction. The Nigerian government even used this reason to justify the suspension of Twitter for several weeks.

In Nigeria, local authorities could look into the moderation of Facebook content in the country in the coming hours. On May 12, in a live broadcast on the social network, Efe Uwanogho, also known as Omote Biafra, one of the main spokespersons of Biafran separatism incited the people following the live to commit acts of violence against the enemies of his cause.

The situation greatly irritates the government, which was quick to react to it. Many authorities criticize Facebook for not preventing the dissemination of such hate speech. That said, things are not that simple. Having understood how Facebook’s algorithm works, the Biafran separatist campaign mainly broadcasts its messages in local languages ​​that the social network seems to have difficulty moderating.

“For Nigerian investigative journalist Nicholas Ibekwe, this flaw makes Facebook very interesting for their cause. He even thinks that in general, “social networks have been the most effective tool for Ipob (the Biafran separatist group; editor’s note) to achieve most of its objectives”. This will strengthen local authorities in their desire to increase control over these platforms.

Servan Ahougnon


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