new software update for AirPods, Pro and Max

Known to all, the AirPods, AirPods Pro and more recently the AirPods Max, to be updated by Apple. The Cupertino company released a firmware update on Tuesday for the Apple brand’s wireless headphones and headphones.

Apple hasn’t given many details about this update, so it’s hard to know what it fixes, but according to experts it mainly focuses on fixing bugs and other connection or playback problems. This new firmware version is in any case available for AirPods Max as well as AirPods Pro and the “classic” version of Apple’s second (with wireless charging case) and third generation wireless headphones, recently released.

An automatic update

There is also no way to manually “force” this update. If you are therefore the owner of one of the four devices concerned, this update should be done by itself in the coming days, if this is not already the case.

The only way to know if the update has been carried out by the AirPods is still to go to the settings of the latter on the iPhone connected to it. In the phone settings it is possible to see which firmware version is currently installed.

Two ways to see if the update has been done or not

If the update has already been made, it will therefore be version 4e71. To check it is therefore necessary to go to Settings, to propose, select the AirPods and an information menu will then appear giving several information on the headphones (or headphones) without wires from Apple.

There is a second way to check if the update has been installed by going to the Bluetooth settings. Then simply click on the little “i” for information next to the connected AirPods to see what firmware version is currently supported. This information should be at the very bottom of the AirPods “about” page.

If the update has not been done, so you just have to wait a few hours or a few days at most, Apple should do it on its own.

Apple AirPods 2 with wireless charging

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