New Microsoft Store for Windows 11 deftly woos developers

Microsoft wants as many developers as possible to submit apps for its Microsoft Store. To achieve this, the publisher announces a redesign of its Windows store to make it more open to all applications and games. This major change will arrive with the new Windows 11 which was unveiled yesterday.

Developers could also offer third-party commerce platforms for their apps. And if they ” their own commerce engine, they could keep 100% of the revenue Panos Panay, product manager at Microsoft, said at the Windows 11 sold event. This is a major difference from the app stores of Apple and Google, which usually charge a commission 30% off developer revenue and requiring developers to use their commerce solutions for in-app purchases.

Android apps in Windows 11

Another surprise, the Microsoft Store will also include Android applications that can work in Windows 11. For this, Microsoft has partnered with Amazon to insert the Amazon Appstore within the Microsoft store, so that users can easily access these applications. from their computer.

This Microsoft Store update is crucial as it will allow developers to submit any Windows app, including those using competing browsers like Chrome or Firefox. Since its opening in 2012, the Microsoft Store has continued to grow. Originally designed as a place to download apps and games, this appstore competes head-on with the web where people can download apps directly to their computers without going through the Microsoft store.

But, at the step of Apple and its App Store for iPhone, iPad and Mac, Microsoft requires developers to subject their apps to security and content review. As with Apple, the idea is to guarantee a quality experience for users of the Microsoft Store. article adapted by CNETFrance

Picture: Microsoft

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