new features to facilitate moderation and fight misinformation

Facebook seeks to fight misinformation

The success of a Facebook group depends on the quality and veracity of the information disseminated. And to ensure authentic content, administrators must go through content moderation, a tedious and even time-consuming task. In this sense, Facebook is now deploying new features to ensure the proper management of groups on its platform.

As shown in the image above, the social network now offers administrators the option of automatically refusing publications relaying false information. Concretely, incoming messages that have previously been identified as false via the fact-checking network set up by Facebook will be automatically blocked. These messages will therefore not be published on the group, unless an administrator intervenes manually.

A feature that should save group owners time in their moderation process, while ensuring that they can effectively fight misinformation.

Facilitate the management of Facebook groups

Already available since 2020, Facebook also announced the change of the function Mute Fr To suspend : “Suspended users can no longer post, comment, react, participate in a chat, or create or enter a room in the group, for as long as the administrator wishes. »explained Maria Smith, vice president of Facebook communities.

Also, Facebook now offers administrators to predetermine criteria to automatically consider or refuse requests from Internet users who wish to join the group: age, location, number of friends present in the group, answers to membership questions, etc.

Set criteria to automatically consider or reject a new member. ©Facebook

Finally, Facebook offers Facebook group managers the opportunity to develop and grow their community. Comment? By offering QR codes linked to Facebook pages, and easily shareable. When a user scans the QR code, it returns to the page About of the group, as well as a button to join or request to join the community.

The QR code is directly linked to the Facebook page. ©Facebook

If these new features seem minor at first glance, they can however significantly facilitate the work of group administrators and moderators, both in the fight against misinformation and in the development of Facebook communities.

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