NetEase Cloud Music App Comes to Huawei Smart Console

(Source: NetEase Cloud Music)

NetEase Cloud Music, the music arm of tech giant NetEaseannounces its official landing in Huawei’s Smart Console on Thursday. At the end of April, Kugou Music’s Hi-Res quality music library was also integrated on the AITO M5, a vehicle jointly produced by Huawei and Seres.

NetEase Cloud Music relies on professional musicians and DJs to create a community full of music discovery and sharing. One of the main features of the platform is the comment sections through which users can connect with each other.

The smart console is equipped with smart amenities and services such as a vehicle-mounted infotainment system, dashboard, head-up display (HUD) and voice interaction systems. Huawei hopes to build a spin-off console experience based on its proprietary HarmonyOS.

Huawei has established partnerships with more than 150 software and hardware companies, and more in-vehicle applications will hit shelves this year. The newest vehicles adopt a range of products from these partnerships, including the smart console itself, an on-board canopy, electronic mirrors, holographic projection, steering systems and smart ergonomic seats.

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According to published by IHS, the global smart console market will reach $68.1 billion by 2030. and the annual compound rate will reach 127.% from 2021. As the market grows and adoption continues, innovation grows further and will lead to a steady increase in the country and the will help to become the biggest market in the world in the future.

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