More Custom Google Firebase Extensions

Google’s Firebase developer platform continues its march toward more automation and customization within extensions. It also improves support with Flutter.

Providing additional functions when creating an application is a strong request from developers. But on condition that they are pre-packaged and easily integrated. These requests for automation and personalization are at the heart of Google’s announcements during its I/O event concerning the Firebase development platform. The latter will open its extensions (pre-coded modules) for capable developers to plug directly into the runtime and extend the functionality according to their needs.

Google gave an example with an existing payment extension (Stripe in this case). It will be possible to “personalize” this extension, through the concept of Extension Events, by integrating the possibility of granting discounts if the payment has not been completed. And this without asking the developer to integrate this functionality himself. The arrival of custom extensions coincides with the announcement of Cloudflare Workers for Platforms which also aims to customize third-party applications themselves.

Rich third-party extensions and improvements to Flutter

In the same framework, the provider is expanding the catalog of third-party extensions, such as the ability for users to log into an application using their Snap account and activate the chat service with the Stream extension. In addition, the firm unveiled the order fire base deploymentwhich allows users to quickly access web applications written in React, Angular, Vue, Next.js, Nuxt, and other popular JavaScript frameworks natively in Firebase.

Improvements are also being made to documentation, support, and crash reporting for Flutter, Google’s increasingly popular open-source framework. All Firebase plugins for Flutter are now available, including an improved Crashlytics add-on (which ensures app stability). Flutter’s documentation, snippets, and customer support are now integrated directly into Firebase. Finally, the App Distribution feature, for distributing pre-release versions of an app to testers along with advanced performance monitoring, has moved from beta to general availability.

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