Microsoft launches three new managed security services

Vasu Jakkal, Microsoft’s VP of Compliance: These three new managed services could help any company tailor its team of experts to its needs, without having recruiters and alumni. Photo credit: DR

We will have to wait until July to have more information on the additional financial investment of several million dollars in favor of the XDR management partners mentioned by Microsoft.

It is under the name Microsoft Security Experts that Microsoft has launched three managed security services targeting the Security Operations Center (SOC), these IS security supervision and administration platforms, and businesses. Two services called Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting and Microsoft Defender Experts for XDR are aimed at SOCs, while the third called Microsoft Security Services for Enterprises is aimed, as the name suggests, at large enterprises. As Vasu Jakkal, Microsoft’s vice president of compliance, identity, and security management, said, these services were built with input from Microsoft’s incredible partner system. Adding that these three new management services have allowed any company to adapt its team of experts to its needs, without having recruiters and alumni.

Proactively hunt for threats on MS Defender data

With Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting, SOC users could rely on Microsoft’s service to proactively hunt threats across all Microsoft Defender data, including endpoints, Office 365, cloud apps, and enterprise. identity. Through this service, Microsoft experts will investigate and deliver contextual alert information and remediation instructions, with the ability to have ad-hoc consultations on demand to discuss specific incidents, national actors, vectors of ‘ attack and recommendations to improve security.

As for Microsoft Defender Experts for XDR, it is, as the name suggests, an XDR manag service that provides detection and response through Microsoft 365 Defender, requests on alerts and response incidents through automation and human expertise. Finally, regarding Microsoft Security Services for Enterprise, the service includes both proactive threat hunting and an XDR service manag, supported by the security information and event management (SIEM) stack and XDR of the technology glove, in to protect cloud environments and platforms.

Microsoft Security Services for Business Now Available

Currently, Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting is in the process of Insight, its general availability both planned for the United States. As for the Microsoft Defender Experts for XDR service, it will enter the phase of Insight fall in the United States. On the other hand, Microsoft Security Services for Enterprise is available now as a personal specification. According to Ms. Jakkal, the launch of the Microsoft Security Experts portfolio will allow the technology glove to include, over time, compliance, identity, management and privacy in addition to new security features.

In addition to its own managed services announcements, Microsoft briefly indicated that partners in its XDR Partner Community will manage an additional multi-million dollar financial investment next year in three key areas. The Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) is to welcome a new type of XDR manag partner who will be able to enjoy expanded co-marketing benefits, a new co-selling benefit for XDR manag partners, and new APIs allowing partners to gain access to Microsoft threat intelligence.

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