Microsoft is testing a handy feature for gamers

Microsoft is refining its Xbox Game Bar, this little tool for Windows that can be launched with the central button of an Xbox controller (or via the Win+G shortcut). The company takes advantage of the new “insiders” version of Windows 11 to inaugurate “Controller bar”. This is a new view of Xbox Game Bar, providing easy access to all of the games you’ve recently launched, as well as all of your launchers (Steam, Xbox, Google…)

With this update, it is now this list of shortcuts that appears when you press the central button of the Xbox controller, when you are not in game. The traditional menu, which groups together the different functions of the Game Bar (resource monitor, Xbox contacts, screenshots…) confirms to appear once the game is launched.

Practical, this function therefore offers very fast access to your games as soon as you access the Windows desktop, without using the mouse or the keyboard.

Also see video:

To benefit from this new function, still at the test stage, you must obviously be a member initiated and download the most recent version of Windows 11, offered for download for a few hours. But that’s not all: you must then download the Xbox Insider Center from the Microsoft Store, activate Windows Game Preview in the menu Previews, then make sure, still in the Microsoft Store, that you have the latest version of the Xbox Game Bar application.

Source :Microsoft

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