Microsoft is preparing an assault on televisions

Microsoft is one of the most advanced companies in cloud gaming today, thanks to its xCloud service. As a reminder, this technology makes it possible to play titles without consoles, since the games are executed on Microsoft’s servers, then streamed to the user’s screen.

Currently, xCloud already allows streaming games to be played on smartphones and computers. But the Redmond firm does not intend to stop there.

As The Verge recalls in an article published a few days ago, in 2020, a manager of the firm had indicated that it aims to make xCloud available on televisions, through an application for Smart TVs, or via a streaming key (comparable to Google’s Chromecast).

Microsoft had proposed, at the time, that these projects could materialize after 12 months. But today, more than 12 months after this announcement, it is clear that there is still no xCloud app for televisions or key.

But the good news is that the project would not have been abandoned. The bad news is that we will still have to wait.

In an article, the Venturebeat site “in the next 12 months” (so, in 2023?), Microsoft should release its cloud gaming key for televisions. According to the explanations of the site, this product would be quite similar to the Amazon Fire Stick. And in addition to cloud gaming, entertainment content should also be watched.

Moreover, still according to Venturebeat, the owners of certain Samsung televisions would not even need to buy this key. Indeed, Microsoft was also involved with the South Korean giant in order to develop an application that would directly integrate xCloud on its televisions.

The information from this American media is also corroborated by Tom Warren, journalist for The Verge. It also evokes an initiative called Xbox Everywhere whose goal is to allow us to play Xbox games everywhere, and not just on consoles.

“Xbox Everywhere includes devices like a TV accessory for Xbox Cloud Gaming, apps for TVs, and even Microsoft’s original plan to let you play all the Xbox games you own through the cloud”he wrote in a tweet.

For the moment, we do not know precisely when the application or the accessory for televisions will be formalized. But in any case, it is a project already mentioned by Microsoft.

In the meantime, Fortnite returns to iOS thanks to Xbox Cloud

In the meantime, cloud gaming is already showing its usefulness. Recently, Microsoft announced the availability of the game Fortnite on iOS despite the fact that this title has been banned by Apple. Comment? On Apple products, cloud gaming is done through the web browser and therefore Apple has no way to prevent Microsoft from offering this game to iPhone users.

“A monumental news to all! Fortnite is now available to stream for FREE on web browsers on iPhone, iPad and Android via Xbox Cloud. No subscription required, no 30% Apple tax »had written Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic (which developed Fortnite), to announce the news.

On this subject, Tom Warren comments: “Free Fortnite on Xbox Cloud Gaming is part of Microsoft’s ‘Xbox Everywhere’ initiative, which I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about in the coming months. xCloud is preparing for more markets, more games and more devices. »

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