Microsoft introduces new accessories for better accessibility

For some time, Microsoft has broadened its view of the world and focused on people with disabilities. Yesterday, the Microsoft Capability Summit got off to a great start with the unveiling of a new line of PC accessories. It was designed from the outset in collaboration with disability communities around the world. These new accessories are highly adaptable and designed to be modular and customizable to meet individual needs.

Microsoft bets on the inclusion of everyone with accessories for people with disabilities

These new hardware products are part of the new range “Microsoft Adaptive Accessories”, which includes responsive mouse, responsive hub and responsive buttons. All accessories are designed to be modular and configurable, supporting all manner of add-ons, from thumb rests or mouse queues to 3D printed add-ons that support specific use cases.

Microsoft says it used what it learned when creating the Xbox Adaptive Controller to help shape these new adaptive PC accessories. These devices were designed to help people who may have difficulty using traditional mice and keyboards. Adaptive Hub and Adaptive Buttons can ease pain points for those who find it difficult to perform common tasks on their computer.

The adaptive buttons sync with the adaptive hub, which supports up to four wirelessly connected buttons simultaneously. It also includes standard 3.5mm assistive technology switches, with three different profiles for easy switching between different settings and devices. The buttons themselves can also vary in design and function, with options such as D-Pad, Joystick, Dual Button, or your own 3D printed design.

Microsoft Adaptive Mouse can be customized with Microsoft Adaptive Mouse Queue or Adaptive Thumb Support, which can be installed on the left or right side. The mouse itself is made up of three components: the main mouse core (which contains the laser pointer, left and right click buttons, and scroll wheel). The queue extension (which can be 3D printed for use with your own design) and the thumb rest.

Accessories will arrive in the fall

Microsoft says these new adaptive accessories will be released this fall. Pricing and market availability have yet to be announced. The company also announced a new Inclusive Tech Lab, a division of Microsoft that will learn and develop products with people with different types of disabilities in mind. Microsoft, as a company, is committed to empowering every person on the planet. So they can do more, including those who are part of disability communities.

The company also highlighted new accessibility features coming soon to Windows 11 and Microsoft Edge, and shared resources on how Xbox game developers can make games more.

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