Microsoft formalizes the arrival of a VPN in its Edge browser

It’s now official: Microsoft Edge will integrate a VPN. Microsoft has just lifted the veil on Microsoft Edge Secure Networka VPN solution provided by CloudFlare, integrated directly into its web browser.

Currently, this option is only available as a Insight in the Canary channel of Microsoft Edge. Microsoft explains limiting this first version of its VPN to a small group of users, in order to be able to concentrate on improving its system once the first criticisms have been received.

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Technically, Microsoft Edge Secure Network will allow you to browse the web by hiding your IP address and encrypting your browsing data. For this, Edge will connect to a remote server which will launch the requests that you submit to it before sending them back to your machine through an encrypted network. This additional layer of security should reduce the risk of your machine being subjected to malicious acts, especially when you are connected to insecure public Wi-Fi networks.

The solution also has other virtues. It prevents, for example, your Internet service provider from being aware of the sites you visit. And stop companies that don’t visit websites from tracking you and sending you targeted ads.

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So that everyone can try the VPN integrated into their browser, Microsoft, in great lord, offers 1 GB of data per month. Also, to ensure that your online browsing is not disrupted by the VPN, Microsoft indicates that the VPN you will be connecting to will be part of a local data center, with an IP address of the region in which you are located. . This is so that you can always find what you want, especially when searching for places close to your geographic location.

Source: Microsoft

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