Microsoft Edge Dev is updated to version 102.0.1245.3

We return one more week with Microsoft Edge Dev news. These news completing the weekly channel and later they will reach the Beta channel before reaching the rest of the users. Incredible work that can be seen between the different channels every day. Let’s see what they’ve been working on for this week’s 102.0.1245.3 build. Beta channel users will soon upgrade to version 102.

Microsoft Edge Dev is updated to version 102.0.1245.3

Features added in Edge

  • Added support for a custom IE mode list in settings.
  • Added the ability to add a password directly in the settings.
  • Enabled XCloud Clarity Boost support by default.
  • Enabled support for a Chromium admin policy to control whether user agent hints GREASE update is enabled, which controls whether the updated GREASE specification (which could lead to websites faulty) or an older version is used. Please note that documentation and administrative template updates may not yet be available.
  • Developers (please note that documentation and SDK updates may not yet be available and all APIs below were previously in “Experimental” status):
    • An API has been added to WebView2 to clear browsing data.
    • Added an API to WebView2 applications to handle server certificate errors.
    • Include an API to WebView2 to control HTTP browsing status codes.

Performance improvement

  • Fixed a crash when closing a tab.
  • Fixed a bug when sending comments.
  • Fixed crash on Mac when syncing.
  • Fixed a crash when viewing some configuration pages.
  • developers
    • Fixed a crash in WebView2 applications when running with administrator privileges (issue 2356).
    • Fixed a crash in WebView2 applications when changing focus (Issue 1552, Issue 1681, Issue 2311).
    • Fixed a crash on smartphones when interacting with new tab page content.

Improved behavior improvements

  • Fixed an issue where a sidebar button in the toolbar could not be disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where search engines disappeared from settings.
  • Fixed an issue where exported business site listings do not contain a version number.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes you couldn’t close the browser while downloading something.
  • Mitigated an issue where the download popup sometimes appears in the wrong window when multiple windows are open.
  • Fixed an issue where the Enhanced Security Mode setting was sometimes not visible.
  • Fixed an issue on Mac where the Performance Center was missing certain information.
  • Fixed an issue where searching using Alt+Enter on Windows would cause the address bar to display the wrong text on other tabs.
  • Fixed an issue where Windows Action Center notifications were sometimes unclickable.
  • Fixed an issue where the print preview was blank.
    Fixed an issue where printing a PDF would sometimes not work correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where expansion notification text appears red.
  • Fixed an issue where the Find on Page popup was red.
  • Fixed an issue where picture-in-picture controls would display in red.
    Fixed an issue where some parts of the browser were not using the dark theme in InPrivate windows.
  • smart phones
    • Fixed an issue where the new tab page would sometimes not scroll properly.
    • Fixed an issue where links opened from Outlook sometimes did not work.
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented adding or editing a collection.
    • Mitigated an issue where some read aloud voices were missing.
    • Fixed an issue with read aloud not working.

Known bugs in this release

  • Users of some ad blocking extensions may experience playback errors on Youtube. As a workaround, temporarily disabling the extension should allow playback to continue.
  • Some users still have an issue where all tabs and extensions immediately crash with the STATUS_INVALID_IMAGE_HASH error. The most common cause of this error is outdated anti-virus or security software from vendors such as Symantec, and in these cases updating that software will fix the problem.
  • Kaspersky Internet Suite users who have installed the associated extension may sometimes see web pages such as Gmail not loading. This error is caused because Kaspersky’s core software is outdated, so it is resolved by ensuring that the latest version is installed.
  • Some users experience “jittery” behavior when scrolling using trackpad gestures or touchscreens. Here, scrolling in one dimension also causes the page to scroll subtly in the other. Please note that this only affects certain websites and appears to be worse on some devices. This is likely related to ongoing work to bring scrolling back to parity with Edge Legacy behavior. So if this behavior is not desirable, we can temporarily disable it. Disabled the edge://flags/#edge-experimental-scrolling flag.

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