Meta launches tools to help SMEs on WhatsApp Business, Instagram and Messenger

An option to create Facebook and Instagram ads directly from the WhatsApp Business app

It is already possible for companies to set up ads on Facebook and Instagram that direct users to a WhatsApp conversation. However, the creation process can be complex, as it requires going through the Ads Manager.

Today, in an official blog post, Meta announces that it will make it easier to place these ads: “We will soon be making it possible to create all advertising directly from the WhatsApp Business app. This will be faster for small businesses looking to find new customers and grow. »

Good to know: last September, Meta also introduced a new option to boost Instagram posts that redirect to WhatsApp.

New tools to generate qualified leads

Mark Zuckerberg’s firm is also announcing other new features to help small and medium-sized businesses manage prospects and customers on its platform:

  • Filtering leads in Instant Forms: (Lead Ads Instant Forms), companies could more easily detect the most qualified leads. Accurate meta: “Answers to a multiple-choice question can be used to filter out leads that may not be suitable for them. »
  • A more flexible Instant Form: the goal is to allow businesses to add visuals and content to a form. With more visual information about their activity, it can spark more interest in prospects. This new form template is currently in the testing phase.
  • Exclusive content: companies provide additional resources from people who use the instant Leads Ads form. For example, it will be possible to download a brochure for a car or the price of a product, directly from the Lead Ads form, without having to redirect to its website.

All these new features will be deployed in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. However, no launch date was communicated in the blog post.

Source: Meta

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