Martin Feragus (Top Chef) dad for the 2nd time: he finally shares a photo of his son

Thursday, May 12, 2022, you announce good news! After a quick tour of the Instagram account of Flower Guinaudeau, it became clear that Martin Feragus’ wife had given birth to their second child. The cooking and more particularly pastry enthusiast formalized the event with great discretion. Indeed, she simply updated her Instagram biography where she calls herself the mother of her daughter Louise (born December 5, 2018) and a little boy named Côme ! No date of birth has however been specified but the baby has indeed arrived.

Martin Feragus finally confirmed the news a few hours later. Fr narrative Instagram, the candidate of the eleventh season of Excellent chefwon by David Gallienne in 2020, shared a first photo of his son, who is no longer a newborn. Indeed, the adorable Côme is already sitting alone, smiling and displaying a cute little blond head. (See our slideshow).

We remember that Fleur’s pregnancy was announced in April 2021 and her term was expected later in the same year. “This year, we will no longer be 3 but 4! #babyboy on the way M-2“, had captioned Martin Feragus, implying that baby would point the tip of his nose the following June. Côme may therefore already be almost a year old !

Good news has followed for Martin Feragus in recent years. Two years after the birth of his daughter Louise, he married, for example, his beautiful Fleur in Paris, in the 17th arrondissement. D-Day photos were quick to emerge on their social media. And his company, which he has loved for several years, the cook has always been very grateful for. He will also send him a very fine statement in Excellent leader.My company is my pillar in my life. It’s the best meeting I’ve had. (…) Fleur, I owe her everything. It is essential to me in everyday life. She believes in me“, he declared in the issuance of M6.

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