major changes to News Feed in 2021

The main changes to the News Feed in 2021

This year, here are the main changes and tests that have been carried out to optimize the Facebook newsfeed for users:

  • new tests to reduce political content in the feed, in response to numerous user feedback on this subject (in February),
  • the launch of new features to allow users to gain more context and control over the content they see and separate in their News Feed. In particular, they can now restrict comments on a public post (in March),
  • new tests to insert more direct feedback from Facebook users on the content they want to see more or less in their newsfeed (in April),
  • new options for managing the display of likes on Facebook (and Instagram): the ability to hide the number of likes on other people’s posts or on one’s own publications (in May),
  • a first report called Widely Viewed Content Report to share the types of content most viewed in the newsfeed of American users (in August),
  • guidelines for listing content and behaviors that are being reduced from display on the News Feed because they are problematic or of poor quality (in September),
  • a second Widely Viewed Content Report and new tests to allow users to better control and personalize their newsfeed. They can now highlight topics that interest them in their News Feed preferences (in November).

Facebook offers more transparency on the News Feed algorithm

At the beginning of 2021, Facebook also provided more information on how the News Feed algorithm works, in particular by revealing the techniques and criteria used to choose the content to be highlighted.

Aware of users’ concerns about the news feed and how it works, the firm announces that it will be able to work on this subject to offer a better experience: “As we approach the new year, we will continue to share updates on our tests and features that may give you more control and connect you to meaningful content. »

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