Luxury: Dior Beauty launches an advertising campaign via WhatsApp and Instagram influencer Jisoo

The cosmetics brand Dior Beauty has launched an advertising campaign via the social channel WhatsApp and by appealing to the global influencer Jisoo. The Dior Beauty brand uses WhatsApp to create the exclusive opportunity to chat with the ambassador @Jisoo who has 60 million followers on Instagram.

Sale of Addict Shine lipstick by Dior

Customers are invited in English to join the experience via the Instagram story of @diorbeauty who for her part reached 9.1 million followers on Instagram, where influencer Jisoo called on the community to join her exclusive WhatsApp group. The operation offers access to four days of exclusive content and collaboration with the muse on Dior’s Addict Shine lipstick campaign via WhatsApp. WhatsApp and Instagram are two platforms of Meta, formerly Facebook.

Then, people are directed to a dedicated web page where they must register to access unreleased Jisoo content via the WhatsApp chatbot before the launch of the new Dior Addict Shine lipstick. Members choose the type of content they want to receive, it can be themed videos or exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Jisoo’s life as a Dior ambassador. Members also get exclusive links to buy the new Dior Addict Shine lipstick, as well as personal access to the brand’s new Instagram filter.

Luxury and technology must be endowed for innovations

This campaign pushes the boundaries of how luxury and technology need to work to deliver innovative experiences across the channels our customers love commented Arthur Poulain, Digital Innovation and Strategic Planning Manager at Dior. ” WhatsApp has allowed us to think outside the box in how we engage our Instagram community he continues. ” This gives our customers the ability to chat with Jisoo like they would a friend and choose what content they want to see next. he said.

Dior has integrated a series of conversations with Jisoo and automated journeys using the WhatsApp chatbot. The channel allows for conversations that can include images, videos, files, web links, audio files, and buttons to bring messages to life and keep customers engaged.

Interactions via WhatsApp (Click to enlarge)

Interactions should help bring brand stories to life. In this campaign, each rich media element is offered by the channel to offer something unique. Infobib’s technology makes it possible to reach 7 billion mobile phones in 190 countries via its direct connections with 650 telecommunications networks. The company works with major mobile operators and messaging apps.

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