Luna & Anthony together today? Instagram?

Find out if Anthony & Luna are together today after And if we met on M6! Where to follow them on Instagram?

What if we met is available on M6! If you want to know where to follow Luna & Anthony on Instagram, read on! The second couple we meet this week is Luna and Anthony ! They have been talking to each other for a few months on instagram and Anthony now wishes to pass the second. The problem between the two is the age difference. To know everything about Moussa & Claire, read this.

In effect, Anthony is 30 years old and has a little girl. While Moon is 19 years old and looking for a job. Anthony had a crush on the young Moon and wish they live a family life now. When they meet, the feeling passes well and the two like each other. To follow Brayan and Carla, it’s here.

As we approach the subject of family life, we see that Moon is a bit shy and wants to take her time. It perfectly suits Anthony. Following this he offers to give her the key to the upstairs room so that she can join him if she wishes to continue the adventure with him. So Luna and Anthony are they still together today?

Are Anthony & Luna still together today?

When Anthony offer Luna the top key. Moon stopped Anthony telling her that things are going a little too fast for her and that she’s not ready to throw herself into something so big and important right now.

In the portrait “a few weeks later”, we see Moon who says she and Anthony remained on good terms but that nothing more happens between them. Anthony he expressed himself by saying that the priority remained his daughter and that he was always looking for a woman to create a family life.

Where to follow Luna & Anthony from Et Si on Se Rencontre on Instagram?

Definitely if you liked Anthony and Luna you then follow them on instagram. If you then follow Anthony on Instagram @anthony.alejandro69. The young man has 1,500 subscribers and regularly posts photos of his life! Regarding Moonunfortunately we have not found his instagram.

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