Louis-Jean Cormier hits the road again!

Louis Jean Cormier can finally find his fans.

Louis-Jean Cormier happily hits the road again, he who seemed to have a hard time with the many concert reports on the sidelines of a pandemic that never really seem to end.

It is therefore in Montreal, then in Europe, that Cormier offers shows, he who resumes dates previously canceled for health reasons.

” There ! Upcoming shows in May! I take this opportunity to greet and invite Belgian and French friends! My god it’s been a long time! After all these reports and cancellations, this time it’s here! I can’t wait to see you again! “, launches Louis-Jean Cormier on Instagram.

Louis-Jean Cormier was therefore near Joliette yesterday, May 12, then will be in Montreal, May 19, before flying to Belgium to offer a concert there on May 26.

Three other concerts will follow, including two in France, in Paris and Lyon, on May 27 and 29.

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