Look where, the Queen of England uses a Samsung mobile

The South Korean giant has been the official electronics supplier to the British Royal House for 10 years since its first “Royal Warrant” in 2012.

It’s not easy to become an official supplier to the British Royal House, so this time it almost makes sense to us that South Korean giant Samsung wants to brag about having renewed its Royal Warrant as the Queen’s main partner. “England and its suppliers of consumer electronics.

This recognition in the form of a certificate of guarantee is a tradition that dates back to the 15th century, so the fact that the British Royal House grants a new “Royal Guarantee” to Samsung places the Suwons at the level of the best and most important firms in worldwide.

Samsung renews its “The Royal Warrant” certification and becomes a supplier to the British Royal House.

Samsung says in its press release that they are very proud to have provided the highest quality products to the Queen of England, having received her first approval in 2012 and marking the tenth anniversary year of the collaboration with the English monarchy:

Renewing “The Royal Warrant” is an honor and a testament to the quality of our products and services. We are proud to extend our relationship with the Royal Household, especially this year of Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Brian Ford, Vice President of Customer Experience at Samsung UK and Ireland.

Samsung Royal Warrant Certification

This is the seal of the “Genuine Guarantee” granted to Samsung.

In the electronics and mobile phone industry, Samsung shines brighter than ever

This new British Royal Certificate that they have granted to Samsung also expands the deal, as not only Samsung smartphones will be used within the Court, but also a wider range of goods and devices that will be supplied as part of co-operation.

Important too, like Samsung’s comment, because this year marks a decade since it has been a supplier to Queen Elizabeth II, who also celebrates her platinum jubilee in 2022, marking the 70th anniversary of her coronation.

Surely many underestimate this recognition to the South Korean giant, but it is certainly not easy to obtain these ‘Royal Warrant’ so we wanted to inform you and discuss with you… What do you think?

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