List of dealerships with a charging station

The most important European distribution groups

With a turnover of €15 billion in 2020, the Swiss group Emil Frey has held first place for several consecutive years. It will therefore be difficult to dislodge as its lead is considerable. Behind them, the positions are often repeated from one year to the next: Penske (€8.02 billion), Lookers (€5.81 billion) and Pendragon (€5.14 billion). A total of five British operators defined in the top ten; and, cocorico, we find eight French operators in this top 50!

The main lessons of the top 50 groups

  • Two non-European groups designated in this ranking: Penske (United States) and Lei Shing Hong (Hong Kong).
  • Two operators generated a turnover of less than 1 billion euros in 2019 (they were eight under this bar in 2018).
  • 14 groups of the top 50 have an activity of importers on behalf of manufacturers in Europe (Emil Frey with the PSA brands, for example)
  • Based on sales volumes of new and used cars, Emil Frey retains its leading status (670,000 units), ahead of Arnold Clark (319,686).
  • The number of points of sale in Europe fell by 16% over the period from 2009 to 2019, to reach 52,000 sites.

French operators climbing the hierarchy

In 2020, eight French groups placed in the European top 50. As a reminder, they were nine last year (Jean Rouyer is no longer there).

  • Guudet (22)and ; €1,965 billion)
  • By my car (24and€1.71 billion)
  • Avenue of the car (28and€1.5bn)
  • Bernard (30and€1,498 billion)
  • Maurin (36and€1.3 billion)
  • Chopard (37and€1.29 billion)
  • MRC (42and ; €1.16bn)
  • Eden Auto (48and ; €1.02 billion)

Among the French operators, six have gained places compared to the ranking published in 2019: By My Car, Car Avenue, Maurin, Chopard, RCM and Eden Auto (Bernard retained the same position and Gueudet lost one place). Nevertheless, they still remain at the gates of the top 20.

The cumulative turnover of the top 50 European groups reached €138.84 billion in 2019, i.e. an average turnover of €2.77 billion (compared to 2.3 billion in 2018). The turnover of the eight French operators (€11,443 billion) accounted for 8.2% of the total.

Towards an acceleration of consolidation?

However, the ranking could be turned upside down, the Lookers and Pendragon groups having already announced job cuts and site closures in order to overcome the crisis. “The pandemic has probably accelerated the consolidation trendSteve Young, CEO of ICDP, told Automotive News Europe. I’ve traded with dealers across the EU and the overall picture seems to be more optimistic than pessimistic. We will see other acquisitions. » The latter considered that even a resumption of activities took over the balance sheets of the large groups and allow them to continue to acquire smaller companies and independent outlets.

Are automotive groups able to offer charging stations?

The usage study shows that during the week, individuals tend to charge their car via a charging station installed at home or at work. This is logical, since this is where the car is generally required to stay the longest, but that does not prevent you from taking advantage of the infrastructures encountered during common journeys.

In electric, each stop becomes an opportunity to recharge the battery of your car. A trip to the supermarket, a stop at a motorway rest area, a movie screening or a dinner in town are all opportunities to take advantage of electrical infrastructure, whether a simple top-up charge or an essential stopover when going on vacation. Discover with us the dealers who offer you charging points:


In shopping center car parks, Renault dealerships and of course at home… There are many solutions for recharging your electric vehicle.

  • Mobilize the charging card gives you access to the largest European charging network and charging with complete peace of mind in 25 European countries. Connect to Google Maps from your E-Tech vehicle and let yourself be guided to the nearest terminal! This pass, to be ordered on your MyRenault account, allows you to easily find a charging station with the trip planner and hassle-free payer on most public terminals.
  • If you prefer an at-home solution, you can plug your EV into a household outlet or your wall charging station. For more speed and security, install a 7 or 22 kW home charging station!
  • Finally, with more than 400 sites in France equipped with charging stations, Renault dealerships allow you to access the accelerated charging mode for recharge up to 80% of your battery in 1h30.


Committed since 2011 to a vast infrastructure development program for fast charging stations in France, Nissan aims to create the first network of fast charging stations in France. In 2015, a network of 300 charging points was already available for users of electric vehicles.

A pioneer, Nissan returned in 2021 with a new deployment plan centered on its dealerships. In total, the manufacturer has announced the deployment of 600 charging stations in 18 European countries. Goal : equip 70% of the network by 2024.

A network open to all

These new terminals will be used primarily to charge the vehicles of the dealership and the brand’s customers. The network will also be open to other drivers. Connected to the Hubject roaming platform, the terminals could be used with different charging badges. Variable, pricing will be determined directly by the dealers. Customers who own the Nissan Charge app will benefit from a preferential rate.

You can find the relevant Nissan dealerships, with their location and the type of terminals available.


The Kia Charge card is sold as follows: One card only. One invoice. More than 336,800 charging stations, including around 38,175 in France. And it works ! Since KIA offers a rapidly expanding network, already made up of more than 336,800 charging stations in 29 European countries.

You just have to make your choice!

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