[L’image du jour] Tesla’s show of force at its new factory in Texas

And six! Thursday, April 7, Tesla demonstrated its new electric car factory near Austin, Texas (United States). Started at the end of 2021, the gigantic site also houses the new headquarters of the former Californian company. At first glance, the event looked more like a rock concert than a business meeting. However, it is a real show of force on the part of the young manufacturer whose production capacities are constantly increasing.

A growth that is not without hitches… The day after the party in Austin, Tesla announced the recall of nearly 128,000 vehicles in China because of a manufacturing defect likely to increase the risk of collision. By February, the automaker had also begun recalling more than 817,000 vehicles to adjust the seat belt warning signal.

Difficulties that did not dampen the enthusiasm of Elon Musk in the new factory in Austin. “This is going to be a huge breakthrough for Tesla. It’s also going to be better for the environment because the cars will be made where the customers are.”, an introduces Elon Musk, the ex-foundercentric of Tesla wearing a Texan hat for the occasion. Inaugurated just two weeks after the “Giga Berlin” in Germany, the Austin plant could manufacture 500,000 Model Y units each year. It must also accommodate the production of the confusing pickup Cybertruck in 2023.

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