L’Atelier Crêpier, a beautiful address in Cour Saint-Emilion

Pancake lovers, are you looking for something to eat? A preference for tasty pancakes? Do not hesitate to go to the Atelier Crêpier.

A real crepe maker’s workshop

Specialist in traditional savory pancakes and sweet crepes, L’Atelier Artisan Crêpier offers dozens of toppings, from the most classic to the most creative. You can also enjoy pancakes and waffles from the menu, ciders and honeys. The card is enticing!

With L’Atelier Artisan Crêpier, everyone will find what they are looking for in the same place, young and old alike. My children loved it, from the lunch break, to the snack! Fans of afterworks are not forgotten, take advantage of this welcoming space with your colleagues or friends.

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If you go to ARTISAN CREPIER WORKSHOP, taste tasty patties. Food experts say pancakes are delectable here. A delicious cider awaits you here. It’s time to enjoy a huge milkshake.

A smiling staff will receive you at this place throughout the year. Prompt service is always a pleasure. Here you will find a family and friendly atmosphere. A warm welcome and good value for money, La Yvonne is exquisite! So it’s a great discovery, I highly recommend L’Atelier Artisan Crêpier.

Atelier Crêpier: an art of living

L’Atelier – Artisan Crêpier is not just a creperie, it’s an art of living, clean products made with respect for the values ​​that are the brand’s strength. The choice of committed producers also goes in this direction and enhances the work of the teams in delicious pancakes.

L’Artisan Crêpier works only with fresh products, selected by enthusiasts and worked with love. All preparations are made every morning in each of their restaurants. We know because we asked! And then, between us, it shows…


It’s a lifestyle, it’s drinking a glass of cider selected by enthusiasts with friends or family, it’s enjoying a warm setting while listening to music that changes according to the time of day, it is to be considered as someone important by smiling and available teams, …

This is how Atelier Crêpier translates in a single word the experience they provide to our customers. The term is quite appropriate because it is a setting conducive to relaxation and indulgence. The products are of high quality and the teams pleasant, so everything fits together to have a good time. Long live Crepitude!

How much is it : 20€

Where is it : 32 cour St Emilion 75012 Paris

Reload: 53 Rue Baron le Roy, 75012 Paris / 7kW Terminals

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