Kylie Jenner continues to celebrate Mother’s Day on Instagram!

On her Instagram account, Kylie Jenner has just celebrated Mother’s Day again by posting a tender summary video of her pregnancy.

No, you didn’t forget to keep your moms happy. Mother’s Day being celebrated last weekend in the United States. As far as France is concerned, we still have plenty to wait. But for the occasion, Kylie Jenner posted an adorable video to celebrate this day which is now very important to her.

Always so close to Travis Scott

Everything seems to be going well for Kim Kardashian’s sister. A dream life, money that allows him to ensure the happiness of his family over several generations. And a loving companion. However, this does not prevent him from experiencing some complicated moments.

Indeed, Kylie Jenner would have suffered from a slight depression after giving birth. In any case, this is what internet users would say when they discovered his latest publications. Nevertheless, everything seems to be going well with Travis Scott.

As evidenced by the many complicit moments of the two but not only. You are not unaware that Kendall Jenner’s sister gave birth to a new wonder a few years after Stormi.

Since then, she has not stopped posting pictures of her child and making declarations of love to him. Statements that she also makes to the rapper. He just celebrated his birthday on April 30.

For the occasion, Kylie Jennerhe was therefore sending a tender message wanting to say a lot about the love she has for him.“Happy birthday my love my best friend”. All accompanied by white hearts. But the pretty brunette did not stop there.

She also called Travis Scott a “most special person and the father of our babies”. It is worth that everything is going well between the two. And that their love should last a long time. In any case, that’s all we want for their children.

Kylie Jenner continues to celebrate Mother’s Day on Instagram!

Kylie Jenner celebrates Mother’s Day again

A few days ago, Kylie Jenner was also celebrating a special day. Not her darling’s birthday or her own. But Mother’s Day in the United States. For the occasion, so she took over her Instagram account as you can see above.

Kylie Jenner, posting a recap video of her pregnancy. Before giving birth to Wolf. The opportunity for some fans to see the pretty brunette again with 27 kilos more on the scale. But also a sublime baby bump which seems to have made her very proud.

In legend of its publication, the beautiful wrote an explicit text. Since she became a mother, his life has completely changed and she knows it. This is why Mother’s Day represents an even more special day than before for her.

So she let it be known Every day should be Mother’s Day. Thank you God for giving me these two wonders”. In the video in question, several periods of her pregnancy appeared.

In particular her ultrasound, which allowed her to know that she was pregnant again. But also the progress of her baby bump which was growing visibly. A special moment for Kylie Jenner which seems to have brought her a lot of happiness.

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