“It’s you in this video”, watch out for this message on Facebook: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

You may have received on Facebook, in recent days, a private message from a mysterious stranger asking you “Is that you in this video?”. The missive is accompanied by a link that appears to contain a video of you… Even if the temptation is strong, and your curiosity seems to take over, don’t click and run away! This is a scam, and more specifically a phishing operation intended to steal all your data.

Beware of malware

And when it comes to fraud, the thugs are not lacking in imagination. By arousing your curiosity via this message, they hope that you will click on a link. Once on this page, you will then be asked to provide your Facebook credentials to access this famous video. Except that of course, no video of you in skimpy clothes or a little drunk on New Year’s Eve exists, the crooks only take advantage of this access to install malware, in other words a virus, to take control of your computer. And once on your device, it’s a bit like Ali Baba’s barracks for them: bank details, codes, personal information…

How to protect yourself?

A few days ago, the Oise gendarmerie called for vigilance on social networks.

[ALERTE ARNAQUE]🚨 WARNING! Video scams are multiplying on the various network platforms…

Posted by Gendarmerie de l’Oise on Tuesday, November 9, 2021

The latter invite Internet users to delete these messages without responding or opening the message. Note that it is possible to set up your Facebook messenger to only allow your friends to send you a message. To do this, go to “Settings and Privacy” then “Settings”. Then click on the tab “Privacy” and to the question “How you receive invitations by message”answer “Do not receive” for other people and potential contacts, depending on your preferences.

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