its slimmer design would not impact the battery

A new certification from South Korea gives us a glimpse of the batteries reserved for Samsung’s next Z Fold 4 and brings us some rather reassuring news.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 in its smartphone format // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

The contours of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 are slowly but surely beginning to take shape as the days progress. New information from Korea now informs us about the battery capacity of the device through a new certification from the inspection body Safety Korea.

Almost identical battery capacity

These new photos that have just surfaced show us what would be the supposed batteries of Samsung’s next foldable and report some interesting new details. These two cells seen by the site Galaxy Club indicates that the battery capacity of the Z Fold 4 should remain reported this year compared to that of the Z Fold 3.

The two batteries that powered the Fold 4 are 2002 mAh and 2268 mAh respectively for a total capacity of 4270 mAh. The figures given represent the nominal capacities of the batteries which differ from the theoretical maximum capacity announced by the manufacturer. The Fold 3 announced at 4400 mAh had an identical nominal capacity of 4275 mAh. This would confirm that the Fold 4 should therefore not have a lower autonomy compared to its big brother, even if of course we would prefer to see it climb.

It may look disappointing at first glance, but if the rumors are to be believed, it could be good news since the Z Fold 4 will fail with a new slimmer design. Not seeing its reduced capacity is therefore, all in all, a good choice if we try to see the glass half full.

A new challenge for Samsung

Keeping the same battery capacity could also allow the Z Fold 4 to avoid a price increase if the manufacturer wanted to keep other components of the previous model for some time, such as the fingerprint reader, as it would seem. be the case.

With a Galaxy Z Fold 4 which should be equipped with a new chip more powerful than that of the Galaxy S22, Samsung will surely need to test its new formula before perhaps making new additions to it. We think in particular of the possibility of storing the S Pen which was mentioned at one time, but which would not ultimately take place.

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