It will soon be prohibited to divulge a person’s physical address

By the end of the year, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, will prevent its users from disclosing a physical address on its social networks. A change of course for the American giant, which until now allowed itself the dissemination of people’s addresses provided that they were publicly accessible, reports Phonandroid.

This measure was dictated by Meta’s supervisory board, which translated 17 recommendations to the company. The objective was to clarify a gray area of ​​the rules of Meta and to strengthen the protection of the privacy of the greatest number, a point on which the company has regularly been singled out.

Tools to ensure compliance with the rules

Until now, Facebook or Instagram users had the right to share a person’s physical address as long as it was published in at least five different media. By the end of the year, this will no longer be possible. Just as it will no longer be allowed to broadcast exterior photos of private homes, with the exception of news reports on a current event or concerning senior officials, only presidents or ambassadors.

Last point: a user can freely share his own address, but no one else can share it. In order to enforce these new rules, Meta announces the introduction of tools to report privacy violations.

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