Instagram would like to dissuade you from posting Stories while driving

Show Stories or drive, you have to choose. Apparently, Instagram was working on a new security measure on its social network that reminded its users not to use their phone or the Instagram app while driving.

In any case, this is what is proposed by a tweet published a few days ago, by Alessandro Paluzzi, a specialist in reverse engineering who is regularly quoted by the media. “#Instagram is working on a notice to remind you to always be alert and aware of your surroundings and never use the app while driving a vehicle”lit in this engineer’s tweet, which is accompanied by a screenshot showing what this alert could appear to be.

Unfortunately, he does not provide further details. But it could be an alert that Instagram could display on the screen when the app detects (via GPS or accelerometer?) that the user is moving. Thus, it could be a safety alert aimed at both pedestrians and drivers.

In France, more and more people use their smartphones while driving

For now, caution is in order. But in any case, if Instagram launches this feature, it would begin to address a real problem that is getting worse every year.

New, AXA Prevention has published its 18and barometer. And according to this, the number of people who use their smartphones while driving each year in France.

According to this barometer, 8 out of 10 motorists say they use their phones while driving. Compared to 2021, an increase of 11 points. Last year, the previous AXA Prevention barometer indicated that 7 motorists used their smartphones while driving.

In terms of usage, calls lead the way, as 52% of survey respondents said they use their smartphones to make calls while driving. 45% say they use their smartphones to adjust their GPS. 34% read or write messages. 24% check notifications from their smartphones while driving. And… there are 8% of respondents who admit that they post Stories (not necessarily on Instagram) while driving.

Of course, there are also those who work (work meeting, e-mail) while driving.

“These figures should encourage us to open up a dialogue with those close to us, or to review our own habits: a conversation while driving with or without a hands-free kit is three times more likely to have an accident. As for reading a message, it increases this figure to 23! »we read in the publication of AXA Prevention.

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