Instagram will soon integrate private “likes” for its stories?

Something new is coming to Instagram at the start of 2022. The app is about to insert private “likes” for its stories!

Good news for Instagram users. A new wind will soon blow on the social network. And it’s a real little revolution! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Instagram innovates for its stories

There is something new on Instagram in 2022. The firm has become in a few years a a staple of social media. No one can ignore today the importance it has in our lives. Just like Twitter or Facebook.

The app is always looking for a new way to seduce people. And for that, Instagram does not hesitate to develop new features.

As such, the platform is currently testing a new option that should be offered to users. This is the “Story Likes” feature.. The latter must allow people to act directly in the Stories. We explain to you…

Comment? Simply by placing “likes” a bit like in Facebook. Eh yes ! Mark Zuckerberg’s platform already includes reaction options in his own stories. Insta therefore wants to do the same.

There was no reason in fact for the social network to remain on the floor. The platform now has this in-app novelty which will allow users to be more proactive.

You will be able to take action in someone’s Instagram story by activating emojis. And all in full discretion. Because this function is private and other users will not see your reaction.

Only the author of the story will see the mark of reaction that you will have left on him. Not bad ! Besides, some people may have already had the opportunity to test this novelty?

Indeed, Instagram has already secretly carried out a test with users. Perhaps you have already encountered this message: “During this test, you may receive likes on your Stories”. Well it’s actually the app in question!

Instagram will soon integrate private likes for its stories

The social network reintegrates its chronological flow

“We are still working on ways to help people connect with those they love”explains an Instagram spokesperson.

“We are now testing Story Likes, a way for people to react to stories that only the author of the story can see”. This is good news for users. But it is not the only one. MCE TV tells you more…

The year 2022 is off to a flying start with Instagram. And the surprises are there. Indeed, the social network is also testing three new stream sorting choices. And among them, a great ghost!

Last week, Adam Mosseri made a big announcement in a video posted to Twitter. In it, the Instagram boss shared that the chronological ranking was back ! Eh yes !

currently, Instagram’s feed is managed by algorithms. But that is about to change. Because this practice is actually not very popular with users. This is not to everyone’s taste.

According to them, she gives too much visibility to harmful content. It was in 2016 that Instagram decided to do without its chronological option. Sadly for some. But for the network, photo sharing then became too much to handle.

This is what motivated Insta to change its tune. But we see it, the timeline has not said its last word. This is why the social network is considering reintegrating it. A news that will certainly make happy among the fans of the app. And you?

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