Instagram: Top 7 Reel Ideas You Need To Try Urgently!

If you lack inspiration for creating Instagram reels, here are several cool ideas to make to have fun.

You have no idea for your reels? Do not panic ! This article is made for you. Today, the editorial staff reveals 7 rather cool tips to make to have fun like crazy on Instagram. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Instagram the great rival of TikTok

It’s no longer a secret that ByteDance and Meta have been waging a real war for several years now. What if TikTok seems unanimity among young peopleInstagram is also having its heyday.

According to the latest information posted online by Oberlo, the American application created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger lists more than 1.2 billion active users worldwide.

A great success. But that’s not all ! In France, nearly 50% of Internet users would use the famous social network. And if you want to know which age group is the most active on the app, don’t panic!

We also have the answer. Thus, the site reports that 71% of monthly active users of the Instagram app are under 35 years old.

Needless to say, young people seem to love Instagram. Moreover, the latter would spend, on average, more than 50 minutes per day on the platform. In addition, 500 million Insta users use the daily stories and these account for more than a third of sponsored content.

And if Internet users love to spend time on the networks, it seems that companies are also very present. Oberlo that explains 75% of American businesses use Instagram. MCE TV tells you more!

Instagram- Top 7 Reel Ideas You Must Try Urgently!

Become a reels pro

Anyway, the success of Instagram is certainly linked to its evolution. Indeed, the application has seen many improvements over the years. Among required, the appearance of the coils.

Just like TikTok videos, this is about letting your imagination run wild through a short video. And if you want to get started, but have no idea how to comment, you’ll do it, here are 7 tips to get you started.

give advice

Know that reels on Instagram are the best way to attract new followers. So do not hesitate! Determine your target and let your creativity speak. If you don’t know what to do, offer your followers to learn new things. Are you a professional photographer? Give advice to your community!

Travel Travel

Everyone is constantly looking for a new place to visit. If you like traveling and know incredible places, you have found your calling.

A diary on Instagram

And to continue with this idea of ​​travel, we also pointed it out to you make videos of your impressions.

Behind the scene

Are you an artist at heart? Know that many people love see the process of creating a work. So you can very well shoot a reels for Instagram instead of just showing the final product.

A Before / After on Instagram

And if you don’t feel like revealing all your secrets, you can simply do a before/after. Nothing’s easier.

Turn a blooper

Another original idea to realize and which could make all the difference. It is therefore a question here of turning a blooper of your various projects. Yes yes, there is always some funny anecdotes to reveal!

The evolution of your art

Let’s take, once again, the example of the photographer. If you started photography very young, why not show your evolution? And There you go ! So you are ready to become a true reels pro on Instagram.

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